Are Psychics Real or Fake?

PsychicThere has been a ton of controversy over the years as to whether psychics are real or are just fooling the public with fake readings, although there is no question that a lot of people are allured by psychics and would still go to them regardless. The reality is that it is nearly impossible to decipher whether a psychic is in fact able to read a person and find all sorts of things out about them, or if they are simply putting on a good show.

There have been a ton of tests conducted on various psychic networks to determine if they are telling the truth or not. These tests usually involve bringing in an individual that the psychic has never met before or knows nothing about and they will then let the psychic do a reading and see what they come up with. The test is intended to see how accurate the psychic can get on predicting certain things about the person’s life and there have been all sorts of different results. Interestingly enough, nearly all of them fall into the same categories as being somewhere in the middle, leading to a lot of speculation that they are merely stating things that could be applied to a wide array of individuals. Another factor that kind of tears a hole in the cases being conducted is the fact that some of the test results that are shown to the public are merely a ploy to gain attention in the form of television views, increased business and all sorts of other things.

When it comes down to it, if you want to go to a psychic, you should probably take the results that they give you with a grain of salt. Although there have absolutely been psychics out there that have given shockingly accurate information, some of which have predicted major events and done feats such as locating missing person’s bodies in remote locations, it is very obvious that there are some people out there who are simply capitalizing on people’s beliefs.

There are without a doubt a great deal of psychics out there that are simply in operation because they know that they can swindle people out of their money, which they can easily get away with repeatedly. This does not change the fact, however, that there are definitely some psychics out there that would at least make you scratch your head, even if you are on the furthest side of not believing in psychics. In the end, online psychic readings are something that a great amount of people find a lot of entertainment and amusement in and even for this reason alone, they can be a fun thing to check out.

The Profound Insight From Psychic Readers

It is probably true, to state that unless you have been living under a rock for the past few hundred years, that you have heard of psychic readers. At the very least, you have probably heard of psychics in general. From the various television advertisements, radio and online marketed informational banners on the profession of psychics, the variety of psychic services that are available are plenty.

For those who are as yet unaware of what a psychic reader does, a psychic will try to gleam knowledge about a person, thing or event from the use of their innate ability to perceive the unspoken. A psychic is said by most, to have an uncanny sense that is known as the sixth sense. Unlike the senses that most people are accustomed to having, this sixth sense, is a heightened awareness that is so strong that simply by touching an object the psychic can know everything about the person who owned the object.

Some psychics do not need to make physical contact with an item for them to receive information. Instead, they rely upon complicated methods and tools for coming to their conclusions such as astrology. Using the stars in the sky, planets and their moons to correlate events from the past, present and future, astrology has been practiced since the ancient times.

A few, select psychics, are said to be gifted with sight beyond sight. They can see energy auras that surround a person, animal or object. From this biological electromagnetic aura, a psychic can discover if you are in poor health and other information that ordinarily would seem to be concealed from most people.

Sometimes a psychic will make use of specialized cards known as Tarot cards, or other decks of playing cards which are known as Cartomancy. These too are tools that have been used for many centuries. They are much like playing cards only the cards themselves represent characters such as Death, The Lovers and other such iconic images. However, the characters depicted do not always have a literal translation. A Death card for example, can merely represent the ending of something which is longstanding, such as a career.

If you obtain a psychic reading from a phone call or over the internet, these are often referred to as Distant Readings. The person receiving the psychic reading does not need to be physically present in the same room as the psychic for a reading. Instead, Email or Webcam Chat can be made use of, for the psychic to perform their reading. Telephone readings are extremely popular due to the popularization of infomercials that are often marketed during popular advice driven television programs.

Whatever the medium that is utilized for the psychic to make their reading, it is important that research be done to ensure that your money and time are not being wasted as like all professions, there are genuine people who want to help you and those who would rather have your money.

Trust Your Gut When It Comes To Psychic Readers

Are psychic readings for real?  Many have thought so. However, for the nonbelievers, understanding the concept of psychic ability or mediums does not really resonate. In fact, real psychic abilities include subtlety and not mind reading or prediction of the future. Whether you are looking for a reader that knocks your socks off or one that is easily forgotten is your choice. Here are some ways of finding a good psychic reader.

• Referrals – it’s okay to ask family or friends for referrals because visiting spiritual mediums with readers that are intuitive is no longer taboo;
• Shop around – there are new age shops in every city that carry sage and tarot cards, making them great resources

Once you go in one of these new age shops, ask the employees to recommend to you the best “psychic medium” and specify what kind of reading you are wanting (whether it be mediumship or intuitive). You can sense something about readers, including a vibe like customer amounts or how down to earth they are. Some new age shops even offer classes, give readings and have good reputations in psychic circles.

But even more importantly than this, is that you have to know what it is you want. In other words, what type of reading?
Psychic readers do things differently – they are not all the same. Some bring you to your loved ones through spiritual readings, while others may read Akashic Records or have divine practice methods.

Another important thing to remember about getting your psychic reading is that quality of reader does not always mean expensive. Some psychics give better $25 readings than others who might charge hundreds. The bottom line is that you cannot get a good psychic reader just because you pay a lot. Some things to consider when you get a reader include:

• Ethics
• Experience
• Natural ability
• Training

So how much should you pay for a reading? Well, that depends on you. Remember, you want to pay close attention to the reader’s attributes because people have become vulnerable and have been scammed. Listen to your gut! If something or somebody feels like they’re off, then they probably are!


You can also look and see what popular readers are recommending amongst themselves. If you hear of or catch word that someone has the best psychic medium and are affordable, there may be a very long waiting list. Before you actually go and wait, check to see if the psychic reader has a website.

Sometimes, if a psychic does have her own website, there will be lists of other psychics on that site. But remember to stay clear of the psychic hotlines. Don’t confuse a psychic hotline with telephone readings.

An Introduction to Clairvoyance

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a term derived from the French language that refers to one’s capability to achieve visual telepathic information about an item, human being, site or physical event through resources that do not involve the commonly known human senses. Clairvoyance is also known as ESP or extrasensory perception. This phenomenon is an ancient occurrence that can be a study of the mind, the spirit and the history of mankind.

A study of the mind

To become more clairvoyant, one must understand how the human brain functions. It is easiest to think of the brain as a computer. Computers are programmed using binary code and function based on whatever patterns are keyed in. The brain is very similar in that the brain is programmed by the pattern of past events and the hereditary character traits of an individual. One must be focused enough to see those patterns and bring about the insight that is desired.

A crystal clear spirit

Clairvoyance is often referred to as a pseudoscience or a paranormal psychology because of its longevity. There are many records of clairvoyance in number of cultures throughout history. This is usually recorded in a more religious sense. For instance, antiquated texts from the Hindu religion list clairvoyance as a form of ‘clear’ experiencing, which helps one to acquire skills that are attained through proper meditation and personal discipline.

An additional sense

Clairvoyance can come as a surprise. Sometimes a person of the general population may see a deceased relative or seem to recollect something that they clearly could not have witnessed. According to the experts, this is no cause for alarm. While tales of these experiences do not provide scientific evidence, they do spark a curiosity that makes clairvoyance worth studying.

A little history

eye of the world

The most primitive record of clairvoyance was of somnambulistic (sleepwalking) clairvoyance. This record is credited to the Marquis de Puysegur, a man who followed Franz Mesmer. Puysegur was responsible for the treatment of Victor Race. During treatment, Race would go into trance and his personality would transform, as he became confident and eloquent, giving analysis and instruction for his ailment as well as the ailment of others. This was shocking because Race, in his more normal state, was equivalent to the village idiot. When he came out of the trance state he would be oblivious of anything he had said, thought or done. Even though Puysegur used the ‘clairvoyance’ to reference this phenomena, he did not revere it as ‘paranormal.’ He accepted this happening as a natural science.

A look toward the future

Today, psychologists and psychics alike are studying clairvoyance. For psychologists, clairvoyance is a study of the mysterious subconscious mind and for psychics; clairvoyance is a clearing of the spirit and a medium for communication with the deceased. Either way, clairvoyance is currently in the spotlight and could open the door to a better understanding of the way humans live, think, and treat one another.

Finding The Right Psychic Advisor

Many people rely on their psychic advisors for all of life’s decisions. A psychic advisor is unlike any other friend. They are there to help with difficult decisions, and offer advice when needed. They will be trusted with secrets know one else will ever know. For these reasons, it is important to choose the right psychic advisor.

Different types of Psychics:

Before even beginning to look for a psychic advisor, it is best to decide which type of psychic reading is best suited for your life. There are several different types of readings, including tarot cards, astrology, or even psychic readings from beyond. If the questions are more generalized, focusing more on single event or outcome, astrologers and tarot card readings can easily answer these questions.

If a more personal question is being asked, or required, then a spiritual medium can help contact the spirits. Mediums have often been used as psychic advisors throughout history. From the ancient Greeks to the Russian Royal Court, mediums have helped to advise and support some of history’s greatest figures.

psychic readers

Choosing a Psychic Advisor:

Once the type of reading has been decided upon, it is time to choose the right psychic advisor that meets all of your needs. It is extremely important to feel comfortable with the psychic advisor, and to have complete trust in them. Your advisor will be hearing your secrets, and helping you to make major decisions in life. Always trust your gut instinct, if your are not comfortable choose someone else. Make sure your advisor is available when you need them. They are your psychic advisor and need to be reachable whenever you need them.

Other things to take into consideration is gender and of course, any reviews or feedback on the psychic advisor. The gender of the advisor does not matter, it is what you are comfortable with. Checking a psychic advisor’s reviews and feedback is always a wise decision. Unfortunately, there are cons and many mistakes can be avoided with a little research.

Individual or Network?

Psychic advisors can be either individual contractors, or part of a psychic network. An individual psychic advisor is often times a more personal experience. Their clients are usually limited, and there is more personal interaction than with a large network.

The large psychic networks offer 24/7 psychic advisors, where the independent advisors are not always available. It is easier to find feedback on the networks also, making it easier to spot any of the cons before they contact you.

Finding a psychic advisor is a personal experience, and finding the right one is extremely important.