Trust Your Gut When It Comes To Psychic Readers

Are psychic readings for real?  Many have thought so. However, for the nonbelievers, understanding the concept of psychic ability or mediums does not really resonate. In fact, real psychic abilities include subtlety and not mind reading or prediction of the future. Whether you are looking for a reader that knocks your socks off or one that is easily forgotten is your choice. Here are some ways of finding a good psychic reader.

• Referrals – it’s okay to ask family or friends for referrals because visiting spiritual mediums with readers that are intuitive is no longer taboo;
• Shop around – there are new age shops in every city that carry sage and tarot cards, making them great resources

Once you go in one of these new age shops, ask the employees to recommend to you the best “psychic medium” and specify what kind of reading you are wanting (whether it be mediumship or intuitive). You can sense something about readers, including a vibe like customer amounts or how down to earth they are. Some new age shops even offer classes, give readings and have good reputations in psychic circles.

But even more importantly than this, is that you have to know what it is you want. In other words, what type of reading?
Psychic readers do things differently – they are not all the same. Some bring you to your loved ones through spiritual readings, while others may read Akashic Records or have divine practice methods.

Another important thing to remember about getting your psychic reading is that quality of reader does not always mean expensive. Some psychics give better $25 readings than others who might charge hundreds. The bottom line is that you cannot get a good psychic reader just because you pay a lot. Some things to consider when you get a reader include:

• Ethics
• Experience
• Natural ability
• Training

So how much should you pay for a reading? Well, that depends on you. Remember, you want to pay close attention to the reader’s attributes because people have become vulnerable and have been scammed. Listen to your gut! If something or somebody feels like they’re off, then they probably are!


You can also look and see what popular readers are recommending amongst themselves. If you hear of or catch word that someone has the best psychic medium and are affordable, there may be a very long waiting list. Before you actually go and wait, check to see if the psychic reader has a website.

Sometimes, if a psychic does have her own website, there will be lists of other psychics on that site. But remember to stay clear of the psychic hotlines. Don’t confuse a psychic hotline with telephone readings.